Handcrafted Carradice bicycle bags

Carradice is a company based in Nelson, England.

In the early 1930s Wilf Carradice began to manufacture bicycle bags. Later on, the company diversified into other products made from canvas, but the production of bicycle saddle bags and panniers still remains its main activity today.

Throughout its almost 90 years of existence, the company, which has been passed down from father to son and from enthusiast to convinced cyclist, has been able to maintain its family spirit and currently employs 18 people, some of whom have been employed for several decades.

All Cotton Duck bags (Super C range) are handcrafted in Nelson’s workshop and each bag is signed by the person who made it!

Cotton Duck is a canvas resulting from a tight, cross-woven weaving. The word “duck” comes from the Dutch word “Doek” meaning linen canvas. There are different grades or weight of cotton duck. Carradice works with one of the heaviest which is difficult to sew but makes long lasting bags that can be reproofed. This is rot proofed and waterproofed using a vintage wax.

Carradice is firmly rooted in a sustainable approach. Raw materials are supplied as locally as possible. Solar panels placed on the roof of the workshop provide the energy needed for production. The sister brand “Upsobags” which is made in the Carradice workshop, uses recycled truck tarps and makes them into bags.

At Randobikeshop we have chosen to propose the Super C and Carradry ranges, both of which are an elegant alternative to the industrial bags used by 90% of travellers.

Website: https://www.carradice.co.uk/

Here is a small video where the current director, Mr. David Chadwick, introduces us to his company: