Visit us!

We believe that the world of online sales and traditional sales are totally different. Both are complementary and we do not believe that in the future one will take over the other. The customer’s expectations upon entering a physical store are not the same as the expectations of the same customer browsing the virtual shelves of an online shop.

It is certainly possible to add an online sales platform to a physical store, but in this case it will be mainly to highlight the shop itself and certainly not to compete with it. The online sale operates according to its own rules and mechanisms that are different from those of traditional stores.

Wishing to turn to online sales, we decided not to offer any commercial space where our customers could wander around and choose the items that interest them. We couldn’t handle it. Nevertheless, we believe that offering our customers the opportunity to meet us and see certain items before buying them can be an added value for both parties.

Don’t expect to find beautiful shelves with prices on the items. However, if you are undecided about the brand or type of bag you need for your trip or ride, if you need to see and touch before buying or if you need to real advice to carry out your project, we can only advise you to come and visit us.

Our door is open and we invite you to push it. We are located in Braine-le-Comte in Belgium, halfway between Brussels and Mons. Beforehand, an appointment is not only recommended but mandatory. We are not available every day at every hour.

Please contact us as described on the “contact” page and inform us about the product(s) that interest you.