Bike Bags Rentals

To offer you even more flexibility, we propose a leasing formula. This is a rental option with a purchase option at the end of the agreed lease period .Rent a bike bags

With each item put in rental-sale we associate 3 quotes:

  • a rental price
    • per week-end (Friday to Monday inclusive)
    • per week (Friday to Monday the week after, or 11 days)
  • a purchase price
  • shipping costs depending on the country you want to be delivered to.

That means:

  • you rent and use the equipment for a preset period
  • at the end of this period you choose either to return the material to us or to keep it

The equipment we rent and sell is:

  • either new and therefore never used before. In this case the purchase price at the end of the rental period is the price of the new equipment on
  • or second-hand in which case the purchase price is reduced and depends on the degree of wear of the material. In the description of the product, we try to be as detailed as possible so that you can figure out the overall condition of the product as best as possible

If you decide to exercise the purchase option at the end of the rental period, we do not count the price of the rental! This means that buying your new equipment via the rental-purchase service will cost you the same price as if you bought it from our online sales site at first !

This formula allows you to simply rent the material that you probably won’t need after your trip and thus make a nice saving. Most importantly, renting is also a new way of consuming, more environmentally friendly, allowing to reduce the buildup of useless objects by sharing between multiple users.

It’s also a good way to try out the equipment at no cost in real conditions before buying it definitively. If you are convinced, you keep it, otherwise you only pay the normal price for a simple rental. This rental-purchase option is a win-win situation.

If you return the material (single rental), you only pay the price of the rental plus any shipping costs (sending to your home) and return (return to our shop) that remain at your expense.