Selle Brooks Cambium C17 Octane (PROMO)


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Brooks’ Cambium C17 saddle has a geometry similar to the famous B17 and will therefore be perfect for bike riders

Available in octane green.

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With this recent Cambiumsaddle range, Brooks has succeeded in designing a practical saddle with a decidedly contemporary look while making no concessions to the brand’s tradition of comfort and “so British” design.

It is composed mainly of natural vulcanized rubber providing great flexibility. In its “All Weather”version, it is covered with a special nylon material that makes it resistant to weather, wear and UV rays.

Unlike the other leather saddles of the brand, the Cambium does not need a “roding” phase,and requires no special maintenance.

The rails are made of steel and the reinforced fiberglass rear plate has buckles to attach a saddle bag or other accessories.