Tubus carriers and accessories

Tubus is a German company specialized for more than 20 years in the design and manufacture of carriers for bicycles in high strength steel tubes.

Today, most quality travel bikes are equipped with Tubus luggage racks.

The Tubus luggage racks are made exclusively of hollow steel tubes in the center which paradoxically increases their strength while lowering their weight.

Tubus luggage racks are known for their durability and resistance to any test even during the longest and most demanding trips for the equipment. Tubus guarantees its products for a period of 30 years of correct use. And even more: the first 3 years, in case of problem, the Tubus luggage racks are sent to you free of charge anywhere in the world, freight charges to the expense of Tubus! That is to say their faith in the robustness of their products…

Web Site: https://tubus.com